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Players will score one point for a goal and one point for an assist . Any player scores more points than any game they play is probably very good players and are likely to score consistently throughout their careers. Check player history and any player score many points throughout their career will continue to do so in most cases .

This can be particularly useful in the early season when there is always plenty of new players to join clubs from around the world and it is difficult to know who the best players will be.

The teams change their players so much that you need to check how many players from a successful team last season have been kept of this club. A team in Europe, which finished first could make a real mess of the off season transactions so by analyzing the squad you gain an advantage over the bookies as a researcher will look at a match based on everything including last season meetings between the two teams . The previous season results may be irrelevant if platoons featuring almost all newly acquired players.

You can bet on match betting on a team to win or you can bet on the total number of goals scored or above and below for a total amount of goals scored.  Hockey is not like football sometimes there is plenty of goals scored and it's not unheard of for teams scored more than six goals in a game. A closed country are real results for goaltenders , so you can see that the higher the score lines are more common .

You like to bet on when the first two or five minute penalty will be given a match. Hockey is a rough game with common penalties are slashing where you hit your opponent with your hockey stick, Roughing where you are too aggressive , boarding , deliberately pushing your opponent into the boards , fighting , cross checking and interference are some of the other types of penalty the judge can give unsportsmanlike players. A tip for fines, they are not uncommon and there is a reason why backup no penalties shall be offered in violation of 251.00 !