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It's not many years ago that all sports betting was conducted Saturday afternoon at the local bookie in town . Minimum amount of bets were on the high side , and you were probably only paid a percentage of your winnings , and the rest for tax or bookmaker . As you can probably sense , times have changed .

For example, football maybe your strong point and you therefore have a well-founded opinion about who would win a promotion round match of the Swedish 2 Division , or who will be the first goals corer in an English Blue Square Premier League match . Today you are able to make bets on these results , knowing that there is a plethora of online providers of sports book , which will be more than willing to take your bet. So check out our list of recommended sports betting providers and we wish you good luck with your betting !

As an example, imagine a basketball game where the spread of the favorite team wins is 10 points. This means that the favorite team must win by more than 10 points above the underdog opponent. If sports bet players believe that this result is realistic , they will continue to bet on this outcome. 70% of bets being placed on a 10 + performance , while 30 % will be invested in the favorite team can not live up to win the claim. Now , the requirement changed in order to achieve a 50/50 win odds .

Winner requirement now changes to the favorite team must win by 13 points . Sports bet players will see the change and several of them will wager that the underdog team will win in fht. the favorite team will live up to win the claim. In this way, odds adjusted to 50% of all bets will be placed on the favorites and 50% for the underdog team . Below are several examples of sports spreads . Sports spread is a winner claim 10 points with LA Lakers as favorites and Boston Celtics as the hint teams.