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Betting on tennis is fun as are tournaments and match to bet on the year. Why not some jazz up your game starts with the next major tennis tournament! Aussie Punter follow tennis from the Australian Open for the French Open and Wimbledon to the U.S. Open. You will find match previews and tips on each leg of the Grand Slam and most other tournaments in between. We bet on tennis easy with our professional free pick. Just read the tennis news and have a look at the odds in the menu on your right. Our presentation of odds is easier to read and find and is highly topical. Let Aussie Punter gives you the edge on the tennis betting!

Aussie Punter is a big fan of tennis betting, so all you need to do is follow our match reports and tips to find some gems! In fact, we prefer tennis betting for example, golf betting, though golf betting has the fantastic setting top 10 and top 25, which are two of our favorite bets. In tennis we bet on match-ups and look for player form instead of bets on players name. This strategy has proved very well and we usually find higher odds and bigger payouts!

Ice hockey is one of my favorite sports. I became disillusioned with football after watching a series of match draw, but fans want an action packed sporting event need look no further than the action to end hockey can provide. When you can keep up with the action, it's a thrill a minute game and very spectator friendly.

When you take a family member to the hockey game the first thing they commented on was that it was so fast they struggled to see the puck as it is quite small. But do not worry , you will get used to the speed of the game and as you pick up the tactics , you will learn about the dumped puck , playing in the key and other tactics and terminology and after the game will not be a problem.

Goalkeeper gets an average of 10 shots per . third (every hockey game is played with three 20 -minute periods). About team wins depends largely on the shape and the opportunity was. You will see the team congratulate goalkeeper after a win and they do because that was kept very busy during a game and without a performance from him would be heavily defeated. Knowing the goalkeeper is fully fit , is playing well and generally able a central part of identifying your bets.