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Foreign gaming companies offering sports betting bonuses and better odds than Danish game. With the spread of this has led to a larger and larger portion of the revenue related to sports betting , today held at foreign online gaming companies . Especially the large British bookmakers have caught the players' attention to the many betting offers , free bets and deposit bonuses. When in addition to these offers also get a better odds on the outcome of an event , it's a natural progression that players today are going for the best deals and biggest gains.

On the whole , the online portion taken more than with Danish game. They still have a myriad of retailers around the kingdom, but focuses mostly on the online component these days in that their direct competitors are experts in this field. It's easier than ever to deliver its games online and lots of Danes plays both the long odds , lotto and bingo at Danish games online.

Games may be assumed to be competitive when the new Danish gaming legislation introduced , which presumably takes place in 2012 , but until then , it's from an economic point of anything better to lie his game with a foreign bookmaker.

It should be mentioned that the Danish game viewed from a social point of view, a much better place to play, as part of the proceeds will go to lottery funds allocated to organizations .There is no difference in the safety of recognized foreign gaming companies and Danish Play . Most of the large companies are listed on stock exchanges around the world and are giants in comparison with Danish Play .

One should of course not play with a company without examining whether it is credible or not. The majority of gaming companies are extremely reliable and delivers an exquisite product with unlikely many opportunities to play sports .